Lindsay Lohan is good at going down

Lindsay Lohan’s natural instinct when she’s with a man is to go down on her knees because how else will she get a guy to like her? Knowing that, this incident at Cannes doesn’t seem like such a big deal. What is a big deal is that this time she wore underwear.

The troubled star hit a plush yacht party – and an unforgiving pavement – at the Cannes Film Festival hand-in-hand with a mystery hat-clad man.

As her eyes grew increasingly bleary throughout the evening, her legs correspondingly became wobblier – culminating in a spectacular roadside collapse in the French city.

Later on, Lindsay took time out from standing upright to enjoy a relaxing squat, brandishing her grazed knees in the process.

The Sun should know that whenever Lindsay drops down to her knees, opens her mouth and looks up, it’s part of her intricate mating dance.

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