Lindsay Lohan “lost” her passport

A judge has ordered Lindsay Lohan to show up to court tomorrow morning because she’s not completed her remaining alcohol education courses. If she misses it, a warrant will be issued for her arrest.

Surprisingly, Lindsay actually tried to get on a flight yesterday but was denied because someone “stole” her passport in Cannes. Lindsay will head to the U.S. Embassy tomorrow at 9 AM to get another one. This must be her lawyer’s plan to give her a plausible excuse for partying at Cannes when she very well knew she had three more classes to finish by May 20.

Lindsay’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, says, “Lindsay is distraught because it was her intention to get back to L.A. today to do more alcohol education classes and appear in court tomorrow.”

To summarize, Lindsay needed to get back to finish 3 alcohol education classes by May 20. That’s tomorrow. Right. What was more likely to happen. That she try to cram three classes in one day or sleep off her jet lag and get drunk at a bar somewhere later that night? If you chose the former, you might not know Lindsay as well as you think.

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