Lindsay Lohan never applied for a new passport

Maryse Nebatti, the Duty Officer in Marseille for the US Embassy in France, says Lindsay has reported her passport stolen but hasn’t requested a new one. Lindsay’s mother Dina told Radar with a straight face that “this was not a planned scheme.”

The embassy says Lindsay faxed a copy of her passport to their Paris embassy but that’s about it. While neither Lindsay nor her mother have contacted the embassy, a representative phoned the embassy after closing at 6:25 PM so they’re aware of the situation but says Lindsay can’t get the necessary paperwork for a temporary passport until Thursday morning.

“I’m exhausted… I’ve been up for the last 24 hours with Lindsay and her attorneys dealing with this,” she told earlier on Wednesday.

“We are actively dealing with the French Embassy as we speak but unfortunately they close at a certain hour so we,re trying to get someone in a higher echelon to help us.”

The deputy DA in LA says they will jail Lindsay for 180 days if she’s found in violation of her probation. Ha! I can’t believe I typed that with a straight face. LA isn’t going to do anything. At best the judge will kneel down and ask if Lindsay would like them to clean her shoes with their tongue.

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Palin Puss Fart
Palin Puss Fart
12 years ago

why is this faux lesbo – crap actress – 40% alc proof
Idiot not in a hospital?