Lindsay Lohan thinks she’s important

Last week Lindsay Lohan demanded Avril Lavigne be thrown out of the Chateau Marmont. It didn’t happen. Over the weekend, Lindsay tried to pull the same stunt. This must be her “thing” now. Going on power trips when she has no power. It’s the equivalent of a two-year-old trying to break through a steel door by pounding on it with their tiny fists.

At 1Oak over the weekend, New York Rangers Aaron Voros, Sean Avery and Voros’ girlfriend, Jessica Stam, were having a nice time when Lindsay threw a drink over Jessica and tried to have them kicked out. A source said Lindsay wanted to be at their table near the DJ but didn’t want to sit with Aaron. Lindsay claimed Aaron was her ex boyfriend. Voros denied knowing her. People tried to calm her down and Lindsay shortly after.

This chick is batty. Lindsay probably can’t even get a comped ice cream at Baskin Robbins anymore. I’m surprised the club bosses didn’t just laugh and make a wanking motion to each other while she was whining.

Below is Jessica Stam. Lindsay must be crazy to think the club would kick out this girl. She’s 100 times hotter than Lindsay. Lindsay might as well have asked them to set their penis on fire.

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14 years ago

If Lindsay did that to me, I’d just laugh in her face. Like ha ha.