Michelle McGee may have gotten a kick-ass t-shirt

Michelle McGee is of course Jesse James’ mistress. She went on Howard Stern the other day to promote an extreme wrestling match with pornstar Gina Lynn but ended up talking about her affair with Jesse. Here are a few interesting points she made.

Jesse James was just ok at sex
“Yeah, it wasn’t excellent,” she said. While she claims she wasn’t overly impressed, she added that his hands were strong, because he “literally ripped (my leggings) off.” – Jesse also made up the Vanilla Gorilla nickname to make him seem bigger than he actually is. McGee says he’s average. He’s pretty much average in every way. Except for his strong hands. So there’s that.

Michelle isn’t a white supremacist
“No, not very white supremacist. No. No, more like white pride stuff. – Facepalm.

She had sex with Jesse James and all she got was this t-shirt
He gave me a T-shirt once … it had wolves on it. – Does she mean a Three Wolf Moon t-shirt?! Stop the presses.This was love!

She considers herself “colored”
“I’ve dated other races, just not a black guy,” she said. “I’m not against it. I make a horrible racist Nazi. I have too many colored friends.” – She also said she’d consider dating a black guy because she too is “colored”. Although, black people might take offense because their “color” comes from genetics, not from being jabbed with needles full of ink.

Michelle wants you to see her vag (censored picture at link)
The whole world has been talking about what kind of tattoo I have on my va-jay-jay… well, I’m going to end all the suspense and speculation for good. – Michelle will show the world the swastika tattoo she has on her vagina. In the VIP section of her website. Which you have to pay for. What a clever whore.

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