Miranda Kerr is topless in GQ

Miranda Kerr is in the June 2010 issue of GQ and she’s topless in one of those pictures. By law, I must write about this and then retire to the bathroom.

You might recognize her from her work with the lacy underwear Xanadu Victoria’s Secret or know her as the girlfriend of the actor Orlando Bloom. But Kerr is most famous for almost getting someone fired. Not long ago, a young banker at a Sydney, Australia, investment house received an e-mail with a series of photos—from a previous issue of this very magazine—of a certain supermodel in states of glorious undress. The problem was that one of the banker’s colleagues was being interviewed on live TV in their office at the time, talking about interest rates, while the poor banker in the background clicked through the photos. Four million YouTube hits later and the busted broker had become a phenomenon—not just because the video was funny, though Lord knows it was, but because men everywhere could relate. How can you operate a computer in 2010 and not eventually wind up looking at naked photos of Miranda Kerr?

I don’t know what the big deal is with Miranda Kerr. She’s average looking. Pretty, but nothing spectacular like my imaginary girlfriend Alessandra Ambrosio. Sure she’s tiny, has a nice body and bendy, but, wait, hold on. This sounded more convincing in my head.

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12 years ago

Her face looks squished.

Herman Bumfudle
12 years ago

uuumm. this beautiful little girl gives me a serious throbbing dick ache.