Sandra Bullock won’t watch Jesse James tell all

The interview Jesse James did with Nightline will air tonight on ABC but sources say Sandra Bullock won’t be watching. Why would she? I don’t think listening to how your ex-husband banged a bunch of whores will help heal any wounds. According to Popeater,

“Jesse has caused Sandra enough pain already,” a friend of Sandra’s tells me. “Hasn’t he done enough damage already? Now he’s going to ‘tell all’ on national TV and humiliate her once again. Why?”

Popeater explains that the only reason Jesse is doing the interview is because no one wants anything to do with any of his many businesses. From his clothing line to his burger restaurant. Apparently, people feel that douchebaggery is contagious.

“The public doesn’t want anything to do with Jesse or the products he sells that have made him a fortune. Jesse’s Girl clothing line, and sales at his Burger restaurant, Cisco, have dropped,” an insider tells me. “He has gone from being the coolest guy in the room to the most hated guy in America over night. His business advisers are hoping this interview will be the first of many steps to rehabilitating him and his brands.”

According to Us, James tells Nightline that those Nazi photos of him “made me sad.” Aww. Racists have feelings too. Who knew? Jesse says it was all a goof.

“I could tell by the look on my face it was a joke that was funny then, probably for a minute, but then looking at it in the context of now and in my life, it’s not funny… There’s not a racist bone in my body.”

He also talks about the baby they adopted. Asked why he adopted a black kid on account of him being a Nazi lover and all, Jesse responded, he “didn’t care what color” the baby was. “My only prerequisite for adopting the baby: I want the baby that needs us the most.”

Yea, whatever. You know the first thing Jesse said when Sandra brought home the kid was, “Wait? He’s black?! What’s the return policy?”

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12 years ago

way to go jesse , bang some more !!!forget that tit-less old actress.No regrets!!