Spencer Pratt will get his ass kicked in two years, maybe

Spencer Pratt was interviewed by Ariel Helwani of He blabbed on and on for 15 minutes straight promoting his friend Kevin Casey who has a fight coming up and did not let Ariel get a word in edgewise and he sounded like the all around douchebag like he usually does, but he did say something interesting and if it were true, it would be amazing.

Pratt said that in two years time he would fight in an MMA match. This was a lie because he said he was talking to Strikeforce president Scott Coker about fighting in his organization, something that will never happen. But it’d be great if it did because then you can watch Spencer lay on the ground in the fetal position while a trained fighter ground and pounds him. This would also mean my fortune cookie was right. It told me happiness was a mere two years away.

Fast forward the video to maybe the 25 min mark if you want to hear Spencer yap.

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full court heat
full court heat
12 years ago

damn i wish they would speed this up. that walking class d-bag needs to get his ass kiiiiiicked. its sad enough none of those little bitches in hollywood wont do it, but rest asure let him bring his crystallized baby knuts to the east side of things, he will be a rap like plastic.