Taylor Momsen is such a rebel

Since Taylor Momsen is 16, it makes sense that she’s trying to find her identity. She hasn’t found it yet, but in the meantime, she’ll appropriate Angelina Jolie’s old identity.

Momsen got all controversial Thursday when she said she had a knife collection and that playing with her switchblade relaxed her. She also talked about how she accidentally sneaked a couple knives onboard an airplane.

“I have a knife collection. My favorite’s my switchblade.

“I flew from New York to Los Angeles and still had a couple of knives in my purse. I thought I took them all out but they got tucked up in the folds.

“I went through security, took them on the plane, opened my bag to get my wallet in LA and they fell out. I was like: “Holy s***!”‘”

She added: ‘I have my favorite black knife with me all the time. It’s a switchblade. It relaxes me to flick it.”

Pretty soon she’ll be talking about how she wears a vial of blood around her neck and then when she turns 35, start adopting babies from Cambodia. That or she’ll grow out of this phase in about a year and move on to the next rebellious thing. Magic the Gathering cards!

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