Beatrice Borromeo is at the beach

I have no idea who Beatrice Borromeo is and I’m not just saying that this time because I think I know who she is but am too lazy to confirm it. I genuinely have no idea who Beatrice Borromeo is. So, I went on Google and typed in “girls with big tits” and then two hours later after failing to find any info, I typed in “Beatrice Borromeo.”

Wikipedia says she’s an Italian television personality and a member of the ancient aristocratic House of Borromeo. The guy she’s with, Pierre Casiraghi, is supposedly her boyfriend and the younger son of Princess Caroline of Monaco

Hold on a second. When did I wake up in a damn fairytale? House of Borromeo? Princess Caroline of Monaco? Is this a Disney movie? You made that s**t up, didn’t you, Wikipedia?


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