Chris Klein busted for DUI

Chris Klein was busted for this morning for DUI on the 101 freeway in Los Angeles at 3:13 AM. He was arrested after failing a field sobriety test. The police report says Klein was, “observed weaving from the #3 lane into the #2 and #4 lane westbound US 101 at Woodman Ave.”

Klein blew a .20, three times the legal limit of .08. No other passengers were in the car except for his dog. It would have been safer if he had his dog drive.

This is the second DUI for Klein. His first was back in 2004. Because of that, he may serve jail time. Four days if convicted which will translate to 30 minutes in LA time. TMZ says that a new law goes into effect in July which would apply to Klein if he’s convicted. The law requires multiple DUI offenders to have an “ignition interlock system” installed in their car. He basically has to pass a breathalyzer for his car to start.

This isn’t surprising if you remember that leaked audition tape for Mama Mia! He looked high as hell. Be glad he wasn’t on whatever it was he was on back then. Not only would he have been swerving around on the 101, he would have been belting out songs from Mama Mia! and then the cops would have had to legally shoot him.

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