Erin Andrews has beautiful feet

Erin Andrews and her DWTS partner Maksim Chmerkoviskiy might be dating. Per Page Six, they were getting hot and heavy the other night.

“They couldn’t keep their hands off each other,” a spy said. “First they started waltzing around the club, then the night ended with dirty dancing.” Chmerkovskiy recently said, “I think she’s goofy and funny and sexy.” Both have been coy about ru mors they’re dating. When asked by Ellen DeGeneres if there was a relationship, the ESPN beauty said, “Depends on what day you get us on.” Andrews’ rep declined to comment.

Granted, the point of this post wasn’t to speculate on Erin Andrews’ love life. It was to make fun of her ugly feet. Erin posted her leper feet on Twitter claiming “It’s not easy getting 10 wks of DWTS spray tan layers off your feet!! Medic!!”

Whatever. Don’t blame spray tan for your pudgy, deformed feet, you freak.

  • chewy

    WTH?? Her feet are twisted and gnarled like the roots of an old tree. She also has fat little toes. Nasty.

  • Christina

    God, people can always find SOMETHING to criticize, can’t they? You can’t fucking help what your feet look like! She can’t help having pudgy feet or small toes or whatever else. Stop being so freaking ridiculous. The spray tanning makes them look freaky, but Erin is a beautiful woman and an amazing dancer. Who the hell cares what her feet look like?

  • Sam

    People who like feet..

  • Quentin Tarantino

    I just came!

  • cm

    This was interesting..then you had to throw in something negative. You’re like a child throwing insults whenever you can even when completely unnecessary. It’s just ..comical.

  • Carlos

    So how exactly does working a few weeks on DWTS turn your feet into monkey hands?

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