Gary Coleman had a secret girlfriend

In a will from 2005, Gary Coleman named Anna Gray the executor of his estate. Anna, it turns out, was his girlfriend before Shannon Price. Anna and Gary lived together for a number of years but split once Coleman met and married Shannon Price. Once they started living together, Shannon forced Gary to kick Anna out of the house.

“They were good friends, worked together and had a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship for quite a while,” Gray’s attorney Randy Kester told in an exclusive interview.

“I don’t have any personal knowledge whether or not they had a sexual relationship, but Gary and Anna were boyfriend-girlfriend, that is my understanding.”

“I don’t know the nature of the ending of the relationship other than I know Ms. Price was the cause of the break-up,” he told

If the will is valid, it will supersede the 1999 will which named Gary’s former manager Dion Mial as his executor. It will also trump Shannon’s will which she said was handwritten by Coleman since, by Utah law, the will was terminated when they divorced.

Good. That bitch deserves nothing. She should have to donate her money for standing around and watching Gary Coleman die. If I was Gary, I’d walk out of Lake Hill Mortuary in Utah where his body has been for more than two weeks and slap Shannon upside the head.

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12 years ago