Update: January Jones may have been drunk

Update: TMZ now chimes in:

We spoke with Flay, who tells us he was watching the basketball game last night at The London West Hollywood Hotel with a group of people that included Jones. Flay says he saw her drink a beer but wasn’t really watching her alcohol intake. Flay says he had only met Jones once before, and last night she asked for his number because she wanted to redo her kitchen and give his number to her designer. Flay obliged, and says he doesn’t know why Jones chose to call him after the crash, but nonetheless he drove over to help her. He says he did not argue but just wanted to make sure she was ok.

The witness at the scene tells TMZ she was face-to-face with Jones and smelled alcohol on her breath. The witness says Jones left her driver’s license with another resident and left. She returned 45 minutes later in a different set of clothes, chewing gum.

The witness says she asked cops if they were going to administer a field sobriety test, but a cop told her there was no point since she could have had a drink at home and there was no way of proving she was under the influence when she was behind the wheel. Cops confirm there is no way to pin drinking and driving on someone who leaves the scene and comes back.

As for being chased by the paparazzi … none of the witnesses we spoke with saw any photogs at the scene, and no pictures have surfaced that show the scene immediately after the crash. The pics you see in this post were taken many hours later.

Ok… So if I ever get into an accident drunk, I’ll just hide out at a bar for 45 minutes and return to the scene and I won’t get charged with DUI or hit-and-run because I could have chugged some beers while I was gone and technically I didn’t run. Lindsay Lohan, are you taking notes?

Hollyscoop has a source alleging January Jones was drunk this morning when she crashed into three parked cars last night. They say January “smelled like a brewery” when she left her vehicle. They also note that there are no photos of the accident despite January’s claim that the paparazzi were following her which caused her to lose control.

Food Network star Bobby Flay showed up to the scene and started arguing with her. “He then took her I.D. away from her and told her to go home,” says our source. January, who was clearly intoxicated was also advised by neighbors to go home before cops arrived and she was charged with a D.U.I.

A source who was at the bar at the London hotel tells Hollyscoop January was there drinking with Bobby earlier in the night.

Jones claimed she was blinded by the paparazzi and crashed into the three cars because they were pursuing her, but eyewitnesses at the scene tell Hollyscoop there wasn’t a single pap around, which is why there are no photos of the incident.

Police arrived to the scene 45 minutes later, but January was already long gone. She went home and changed and then came back to “pick up her phone from her car.”

Eyewitnesses were surprised that she didn’t get arrested “because she was so drunk,” but cops told witnesses that they had no proof that she was drunk during the accident. Cops said that she could have gone home after the accident and drank because she was so nervous.

First of all, this is all hearsay for now. Second of all, this is LA. Cops don’t arrest celebrities in LA. Unless they’re a b-lister driving a stolen car down the PCH while drunk and holding cocaine. Then maybe. At most, the cops probably asked if she was drunk and let her go when she slurred something that sounded like “no.”

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