Jeremy London may be lying

Yesterday, Brandon Adams was arrested for allegedly kidnapping Party of Five and Mallrats star Jeremy London, forcing him to smoke crack and then forcing him to hand out alcohol in Palm Springs gang land. Today, friends of Adams say they don’t believe the story and that Adams would never force Jeremy to do drugs. “Brandon probably was doing drugs WITH that actor, and the guy just said he was forced to smoke because he knew drugs were in his system.”

Hold on. That sounds a little far fetched. A recovering addict, who’s on probation and actually has a warrant out out for his arrest, relapsing and blaming it one of his friends nicknamed “Smiley,” whose neighbors swear is innocent, because he doesn’t want to violate his probation and possibly go back to jail? This isn’t a Hollywood movie, dude. Some guy kidnapping another guy after helping him change a tire and then forcing him to smoke crack and get drunk at gunpoint sounds more realistic. Plus, celebrities don’t lie. Especially celebrities who are recovering addicts.

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