Jeremy London’s kidnapper has a different story

By now you’ve all heard that kidnapping story Jeremy London made up because he was on probation. Well, turns out his kidnapper, Brandon Adams, has a decidedly different version of the story. One which involves no kidnapping at all and instead centers around lots of drugs. Adams tells Radar that there was no gun and no pipe. They simply got wasted and Adams hooked him up with some ecstasy and xanax and then partied for hours.

Adams says he and his uncle were outside the 7-Eleven buying beer when he sees a tweaked out Jeremy London with his wife outside. Adams bummed a cigarette off Melissa which is when Jeremy noticed Adams. Adams notes that when a police cruiser drove up to the store, London and his wife/ex-wife Melissa got nervous and ran inside. When the cops left, they came back and drove off in their car which already had a flat tire.

Adams and his uncle left 7-Eleven to head towards the bust stop where they noticed Jeremy and Melissa parked near an alley way in their rented Ford Focus. They offered to help and asked for a ride home. When they got in the car, London asked if they could help him score five xanax and five oxycontin for him and Melissa. Adams, always helpful, said sure but wanted payment in beer. Radar continues:

“Jeremy wanted to drink, so we bought beer and some hard alcohol and we got f****d up,” Adams said. “Jeremy was just drinking beer but we were wasted. We went driving around my neighborhood, handing out beer to my friends and random people on the street. We were having a good time.”

After a while, Adams says London’s mood suddenly changed and the actor became erratic and irritated. Adams says London started telling him to get him pills.

“I hadn’t been able to get any xanax or oxycontins up to that point, but I was finally able to get him three ecstasy and three xanax pills. He took all six pills at once. He was out of his mind high,” Adams told

Sources tell Radar that Adams’ story is way more believable than Jeremy’s. They note Jeremy was acting “high” on Xanax last Saturday when cops where called to the Viceroy Hotel where he and Melissa were staying. Jeremy claimed it was from drinking.

As each day passes, London’s story seems more and more like a made up fairytale from an addict that fell off the wagon. It’s almost like a story a kid who broke a vase would make up. First it would be the dog did it. Then it would be the dog forced him to do it. Then it would be the dog raped him and then forced him to do it. Then it would be the dog raped him and told him he’d kill his parents if he didn’t do it. Whoa, whoa, whoa, kid. That last one was a little unbelievable. How exactly did the dog talk?

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