Jeremy London’s kidnapping story gets weirder

As you all know, Jeremy London is a recovering addict who claims he was kidnapped while changing a flat tire and forced at gunpoint to smoke crack and hand out alcohol like a ghetto Robin Hood. The man who allegedly kidnapped London, Brandon Adams, was arrested but friends and neighbors say Brandon would never pull something like that.

The latest news is London’s wife, Melissa Cunningham, also a recovering addict, was there when London was abducted. She said she was there when he had the flat and was also kidnapped but was dropped home when she got scared. Both are undergoing regular drug testing due to their past addictions. Melissa currently rents a place in Palm Springs where Jeremy shows up regularly. Sources have reported the two are always arguing. When asked why he keeps coming back to visit his ex-wife, Jeremy said it was to make sure she doesn’t relapse. Translation: They’re doing drugs together.

Even worse is they lost custody of their 3-year-old son Lyrik because of their drug problems. More recently, Melissa crashed into a 7-eleven with her son in the car.

“A woman got out of her car with a child after hitting the wall. She tried to walk off but a group of customers outside wanted to stop her.

“They told me later that they thought she was behaving a little out of it. They didn’t want her to go because of this and so they called the police. She wouldn’t listen to them though.”

This story can’t be any more ridiculous. There has to come a point when police stop believing the guy and start thinking maybe Jeremy made this up as an excuse for relapsing. I doubt it though. Jeremy could claim his kidnappers abducted him to enlist him in an epic war between centaurs and unicorns and the cops would all freak out and put an APB out for a man/horse thing and a mythical creature that leaves a trail of rainbows in its path.

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