Jon Gosselin is high

If you ever wanted to watch a tubby, Ed Hardy wearing douchebag and a famewhore high on spliffs and drunk on champagne start making fun of the French for what feels like forever, today is your lucky day.

“Jon and Hailey were confused about how people smoked weed in France because they mix it with tobacco. All they did [on their trip] was drink Crystal and smoke spliffs with the friends they were with,” the source told exclusively. “Whenever someone was sparking it up, they were right there smoking it.”

Giving the kids to Kate was a good idea. Even though she’s an overbearing, annoying bitch, she wouldn’t be sitting around at home all day laughing her ass off and throwing Pringles at the kids. Jon would probably throw all eight kids in the dryer because he was so high.

Check out the video here.

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