Kate’s bodyguard told her to

Early this year when Kate Gosselin was asked about a boob job, she responded, “Plastic surgery? Please. Who has time to even think about it, let alone do it?” Um, well, you, you stupid bitch. Wait. I shouldn’t say that. That’s mean. She’s done a lot for men by showing women bigger breasts are better.

On March 30, 2009 Kate got breast implants. In part because her body guard, Steve Neild, coaxed her into doing it. What a hero. “Kate was going to have one kind of breast augmentation, but she changed her mind after talking to Steve about what would look best.” Gosselin went from a size 4 shirt to a size 6 shirt.

Thank you, Steve, for making this whiny bitch tolerable. No longer do people have to endure hours of Kate crying “me, me, me.” They can just look at her tits until the noise stops. Steve did Kate’s future boyfriend/husband a great service.

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13 years ago

Does this woman EVER take care of her kids?