Lady Gaga isn’t banned from Yankee Stadium

On Friday, Lady Gaga showed up at Yankee Stadium wearing a half-unbuttoned Yankees Jersey exposing her black bra, fishnet stockings and a bikini bottom while she chugged Jameson Irish Whiskey. If that wasn’t terrifying enough, she kept grabbing at her tits.

Eventually, she talked her way past stadium security to the exclusive clubhouse where she met A-Rod, Robinson Cano and four others. Gaga tried to tell them how much she loved them but all that came out was a bunch of slurred words like, “allliiice rogez me looooves beeer you.” Later, the Post reported that Hal Steinbrenner had permanently banned Gaga from the clubhouse.

However, Yankee General Manager Brian Cashman denied these reports and said Lady Gaga did nothing wrong. He blamed the employees who let her in. He added that celebrities are allowed to mingle with players on occasion in an area adjacent to the locker room but only after a win. Definitely not after a loss.

Alex Rodriguez and the five other Yankee players who met Gaga that day couldn’t be reached for comment because they were still washing their eyes with bleach.

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