Lindsay Lohan is clever

Lindsay Lohan was ordered by the judge to wear a SCRAM bracelet and submit to random drug testing. She’s been hiding the SCRAM under jeans and boots and now she’s figured out a way to get her drugs legally.

Lindsay had her wisdom teeth conveniently pulled out. She cleared it with the probation department so whatever she’s taking for the pain won’t be counted against her on the drug test. Her Lawyer told TMZ:

“We advised the Probation Department of the dental appointment, which was made well in advance of last week’s court hearing.” Chapman says she assured the probation officer she would provide “documentation about any medications that Lindsay would be taking, which would be administered or prescribed as part of the procedure.”

Last I remember dentists gave out Vicodin when you had your wisdom teeth pulled out. Lindsay probably asked for something similar to that that. When it comes to drugs, Lindsay is an idiot savant. She can’t manage her career worth a damn but when you tell her she can’t get high, she’ll figure out a way around it. If Lindsay was trapped on a deserted island, she’d probably pull out the pound of weed from her ass that she was saving for emergencies.

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12 years ago

That is an addict’s most obvious trait!