Lindsay Lohan is unfolding

Lindsay Lohan hasn’t had to do anything herself for years. I doubt she even remembers how to wipe her ass much less remember her appointments. Hence why she’s unraveling after her assistant quit.

Lindsay’s friends say she’s going to have a hard time finding someone reliable to replace her old assistant who was one the sole person who kept Lindsay out of jail by getting her to appointments.

For starters, Lindsay is legally prohibited from driving and relies on her assistant to take her here and there — including her alcohol ed courses.

We’re also told Lindsay is incredibly disorganized and can’t function without someone leading her by the nose. She seems incapable of scheduling meetings, doctor’s appointments, or work projects.

Lindsay is probably at home right now trying to figure out how to get out. She’s been furiously waving her hand at the door for the past four hours thinking it’s automatic.

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