Lindsay Lohan will pose nude again

Because money is an issue, Lindsay Lohan will take off her clothes for the cameras again. This time with her SCRAM bracelet on. Or off. Depending on how things go. There isn’t actually much of a plan. We’re talking about Lindsay after all. Thinking things through isn’t one of her strong suits. Of course, this won’t be real nudity since it’s for print ads for her 6126 line of $200 – $600 handbags which essentially makes this story boooring.

The 23-year-old star will pose nude in print ads for her 6126 line of handbags, reported Monday. Richard Luna of The California Bag (which licenses the 6126 totes) told the magazine that Lohan will doff her clothes and roll around in a bed for a photo shoot in L.A. next month.

Luna wasn’t sure whether Lohan’s court-mandated SCRAM bracelet would be part of the racy pictorial. “We’re thinking of having police on hand so we can remove the ankle bracelet for the pictures.”

He then noted that the actress might be photographed both with and without the alcohol-monitoring device — or the accessory might be airbrushed later on.

Lindsay should do Playboy and get it over with. “It” being her career. How much longer does she want to drag this out? End it with some dignity. Don’t end it laying naked and coked out of your mind in a ditch on the side of the PCH like that hooker I dropped off yesterday. She used to be famous too. At least that’s what she told me.

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12 years ago

Why does this girl always look like she’s smelling a fart?

12 years ago

No one wants to see this ugly skank naked. ;/