No one wants to buy Heidi and Spencer’s fake stories

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are going through a fake separation for their show. Their newest story that they made up is that Heidi may have had an affair with Spencer’s close friend, Marine-turned-bodyguard Cougar Zank. They’re pitching it to magazines for $100,000. In return, they’re being laughed at for about 30 minutes before being told no and forcibly escorted off the premises by security.

“Heidi and Spencer are trying to play out a fake reality show in the press and get paid along the way. They’ve been approaching magazines and Web sites to buy the fake story of Zank having an affair with Heidi. They’ve been asking for $100,000. But no one is interested as they don’t sell magazines.”

Editors should just start punching Spencer in the face every time he tries to pitch his fake stories. A good idea would be to let him in, sit him down in the conference room, look at him with a serious face like they’re interested and right when he opens his mouth, punch him in his stupid face. Do this a few times and he’ll stop trying to sell this laughable gossip. Like anyone would believe a guy would have sex with 8 gallons of high-pitched, whiny silicone.

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11 years ago

All that silicone has gone to her head.
….old news?

11 years ago

these people are weird. I hope nobody is ever stupid enough to give these goofballs another show. their lies have caught up with them.

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