Perez Hilton might go to jail

I wasn’t going to cover this because it was stupid but it’s turning into sort of a big deal.

Last week, photos of 17-year-old Miley Cyrus on the set of her new music video were taken. One of them included a shot of Miley climbing out of a convertible with seemingly no underwear. The pictures were asked to be taken down but not before they were downloaded.

Early Monday morning, Perez Hilton posted the blacklisted shot on his Twitter for his 2 million followers to see. He wrote, “If you are easily offended, do NOT click here. Oh, Miley! Warning: truly not for the easily offended!” Everyone now says Perez crossed into kiddie porn. From CBS:

But it’s the celebrity blogger that might need a warning. Cyrus is underage. Police might consider her naked image child pornography.

Recently, Cryus has been facing a barrage of criticism for being too sexy due to skimpy concert outfits and her edgy single, “Can’t Be Tamed”

It is unclear if Hilton will face any legal trouble, but he might be setting himself up for yet another celebrity feud.

Although, if he were ever taken to court for it, they’d have to first prove it was child porn. A lawyer could argue that it isn’t because the intent wasn’t there. But Salon interviewed a criminal defense attorney who specializes in child pornography cases who says Hilton’s liability is “extraordinary and intense” and it was “suicidal for him to do this.”

“We’re not talking about a misdemeanor. You don’t have to know what the definition of the law is; all you have to do is knowingly distribute the photograph” — which Hilton, or someone with access to his Twitter account, most certainly did. It doesn’t matter much whether Hilton took the photo, owns the photo or published the photo — as long as he knowingly distributed the link.

Another issue is Miley Cyrus was actually wearing underwear on set. You can sort of tell from the photos here. In the upskirt photo, however, it looks like she isn’t wearing any so it might have rode up.

Either way, Perez is a moron for even linking to it because now he might go to jail and there’s no way someone like Perez Hilton could survive there. There is no Twitter in jail for you to tweet for help as you get raped.

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14 years ago

I was wondering when or why u havent posted it! But yeah it is a big deal and it would be good to see the biased Perez (who shelters the like of Paris and other faves when they do their wrong doing) in county orange couture care of the state!

Like if your gonna be mean be consistent Perez, call out your own peeps like theblemish does when they do wrong. He posted a stupid response! Gah I hate the snake!

14 years ago

Well. Miley Cyrus acts like a little skank whore all the time. It’s her fault.

14 years ago

He probably won’t go to jail though.. she has underwear.

Magoichi Saika
Magoichi Saika
13 years ago

For God’s sake! She’s 17! Seventeen! She’s old enough to be a mother. My God! My grandmother married younger at 14!!! The only thing different is the year.