Renee Zellweger wants to marry Bradley Cooper

Lemonface has already carved “Zellweger + Cooper” into the tree outside her house so obviously she’s planning on marriage. Page Six says,

First, Zellweger was photographed last week by Star magazine at the Carolina Herrera boutique in West Hollywood, where a big rack of wedding gowns was wheeled by. After browsing for two hours, she left with a garment bag. “She just kept smiling when asked if she’s getting married,” the weekly reports. Second, she and Cooper had lunch with her parents yesterday at the Tribeca Grand. Could it be he asked her father for her hand in marriage?

A lot of people think Bradley Cooper is gay but I don’t see it. Maybe he’s just a good looking guy that dresses well and loves spray tan. A lot of straight guys are like that. Ricky Martin, for example. Oh… wait.


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