Salma Hayek might be scared of snakes

Salma Hayek freaked the hell out when a snake made a cameo during an interview with her and her co-stars in Grown Ups. Salma jumped up on her chair and started screeching for someone to do something. As a show of solidarity, Maria Bello did the same thing. To note, one brave soul did do something. He manned the camera and kept recording. Us describes the incident:

The actress, 43, jumped out of her seat and climbed on her Grown Ups co-stars when she spotted the serpent on set while doing an interview with Extra to promote her newest flick (in theaters June 25).

“Somebody do something!” she shrieks. “Nooo!”

Assures Maria Bello, 43, “It’s OK. It’s going away.”

A frightened Hayek was then carried away by a member of the production team before she left the set altogether. “Thank you so much,” she said, her voice trembling. (Ironically, Hayek seductively danced with a python — while dressed in a skimpy bikini — in 1996’s From Dusk Till Dawn.)

“It was like a python. It was thick,” Bello said after the surprise encounter. “Its head was like this like a cobra!”

When pressed, Maria Bellow continued to deny that she was describing my penis and insisted she was in fact describing the snake. Aww, don’t be shy, baby.

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mike adams
mike adams
14 years ago

wat the fu@k was that save ur life and step on everyone else’s wat a true freak