Shannon Price was a great wife

TMZ has the 911 call Shannon Price made when Gary Coleman fell last week. Shannon told the operator that it all happened when she told Gary, “Bitch, make me a sammich,” and Gary was all like, “Yes, ma’am,” and then while he was making her food, he somehow fell and hit his head. Shannon, meanwhile, was upstairs with a fever. She went to to see what happened and just saw Gary lying there with blood everywhere.

Naturally, she ran upstairs to call 911 but was having a real hard time helping the injured Gary because, I quote, “I’m gagging. I’ve got blood on myself. I can’t deal.” The operator repeatedly asks Shannon to apply pressure to the back of Gary’s head where he’s bleeding from and Shannon just tells Gary to do it himself. Gary, meanwhile, is lethargic and out of it, possibly because of a damn concussion. Naturally, there’s no way he’s going to apply pressure to the back of his head properly. Shannon also adds that she’s sick and that she couldn’t drive him to the hospital because she might have a seizure. You can hear at the end of the tape that Gary was standing up but still out of it. The medics finally arrive before Gary had to stitch his own head up.

A word of advice. Don’t ever marry this girl. If you’re laying on the floor dying from a head wound, the most you can hope for from her is a call to 911. I’m surprised she didn’t bitch out Gary for not finishing her food before he hit his head. “That Gary was a real jerk,” she’ll probably say at the funeral in reference to the time he died before he finished making her a sandwich.

In related news, ET says they have court papers confirming Gary Coleman and Shannon Price were divorced on August 12, 2008. Court fees were paid for by Gary and no alimony was awarded. This is interesting because Shannon was the one who gave the approval to pull Gary off life support. Now the question is whether or not she had legal authority to do so. A spokesperson for the hospital said, “We had no indication that the information Shannon gave us was false. She portrayed herself as his wife.”

Updated with audio from the Post.

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11 years ago

I’m a bitch!!! And a murderer!!!

11 years ago

Shannon is a cold-hearted, evil bitch. A straight up evil-ass bitch. She needs to be in prison. Wife is not a category of her. The category for her is a GOLDIGGING MURDERER.

11 years ago

For the sake of Gary, please put this thing in prison. Lock her up!

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