Simon Monjack had secret love children

According to TMZ, Simon’s mom, brother and therapist stayed at his home last week with Murphy’s mom and they left with Simon’s laptop.

Going through the computer they found emails from two women demanding money from Simon for child support. Simon had a son from one woman and a daughter from another.

Evidence of a $48,000 wire transfer was also found. Simon was sending money to lawyers and someone in Europe for an unknown settlement.

Simon’s mom and brother thought it best to hand over the laptop to the coroner. The coroner’s office is currently going through it. When Sharon found out, she got pissed and filed a theft report with the cops.

Almost everything written about Simon Monjack points to him being a shady douchebag who tricked Brittany Murphy into marrying him. Except for one story that says he died of a broken heart which was writen by some twit who read one too many fairytales. Simon’s obituary should have read, “Simon Monjack died yesterday. At least he had enough restraint to not request to be buried in Brittany’s coffin as one last attempt to mooch off of her.”

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