Tiger Woods doesn’t have a secret 9-year-old

Tiger Woods is breathing a sigh of relief today because a DNA test proves he is not the father of porn star Devon James’ 9-year-old son. Well, actually, Tiger breathed a sigh of relief in 2002 when the DNA test was performed. Some guy from Florida is the real father.

Tiger must have been worried for a second back in 2002. He probably ran through so many whores he had no idea who Devon James was or if he used a condom. That’s why Tiger developed his own Facebook. He calls it Whorebook.

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12 years ago

This is great news for Tiger, but then he knew this back in 2002. You sound upset because the story has nowhere to go – too bad.
Why are all the tabloids so quick to accept the word of a sleazy immoral person such as this?

12 years ago

I agree that the kid resembles Tiger Woods, especially because of his oriental eyes. The media spread this rumor like a wild fire and put doubts on people’s mind. I think the media should put an end to this by naming and showing a picture of the kid’s real father!!! Legal litigation/DNA testing may be the only way for Tiger to stop these paternity claims, which most possibly will continue!!!