Bobbi Eden and her empty promises

Here’s a quick back story. Bobbie Eden is a famous Dutch porn star. Yesterday, she posted on her Twitter that if the Netherlands wins the World Cup, she and her porn star friends would give a bj to every one of her Twitter followers. Half a second later I clicked “follow”.

Fast forward to later that day when the Netherlands defeated Uruguay in the semifinals forcing Bobbi to warm up that jaw of hers. The Netherlands are now one win away from a 41,000 person gang bang.

But I’m going to have to call out Bobbi Eden for being a cocktease. Mostly because she never specified what she meant by BJ. That could mean a lot of things. I don’t speak Dutch but I’m sure there’s a way to turn “BJ” into “Ass Rape”.

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11 years ago

nope she even said she’ll let you know how to collect your BLOW JOB in a later tweet

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