Free “Machete” tacos!

I was just emailed this and I thought it was pretty cool. If any of you are going to San Diego Comic-Con and are going to be there Thursday, you can get a free taco from a Machete taco truck. Because there’s nothing more awesome than a taco truck! Especially when it’s parked in an alley. The tacos go from 5PM – 8PM and you can use the flier below to redeem them. I’m sure you can get tons from the convention center too.

Robert Rodriguez is also previewing “special footage” from the movie on a giant screen at 9PM (doors open at 8:30PM) in a parking lot, after which, there will be a party with the first 100 guests getting t-shirts. More free stuff! There’s the promise of free tacos, tequila and beer. So basically it’ll be like being in TJ without having to bribe your way out of jail. Bigger version of flier here.

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10 years ago

Can anyone confirm if you need any sort of comic-con pass or if I can just print out the flyer and show up since it sounds pretty awesome and not that far of a drive for me. Thanks

10 years ago

Oh awesome, thanks for responding [:

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