Ice-T got punked by the cops

Ice-T was arrested in New York City on his way to the vet today for driving with a suspended license. He was originally pulled over for not wearing a seat belt. He was taken into custody and then released. Coco had this to say about the incident on her Twitter:

Yes,Ice was arrested this morning but we don’t know what the hell for!He’s been released..We got pulled over for not wearing seatbelts.

I believe when the cop saw Ice he immediately had a hard-on for him & he wanted 2 take him in for something,anything!He was released already

Drama day… 1st I took my dog to get surgery,then Ice got arrested.That was the worst feeling 2 see him in handcuffs……….

….Then 5 minutes later I get pulled over for talking on the phone….What next?Now its media overload for stupid s**t!

Whatever. Who cares. You know this is going to blow over in 30 minutes and Coco’s righteous indignation is going to be replaced by her deciding which photo of her tits and ass she’s going to post on Twitter. In fact, 10 minutes later, she posted the picture above.

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9 years ago

I think he’s done the public a HUGE disservice by making millions portraying these cops as good, and now it’s come back to bite him. His SVU show is a complete 360 from the truth. Google “police crimes” or “police misconduct statistics” to see what those who supposedly protect and serve are all about. Here’s what a REAL SVU cop did recently: “Bensalem PA SVU detective / cop charged with sexual assault” These are just some of the ones who got caught: “01-14-10 -KS Inman Police Chief Michael Leland Akins Jr arrested on multiple sex crimes.” “11-19-09 – FL Retired… Read more »

9 years ago
Reply to  Joe

Search father molests child, search man kills dog, search mom eats children, if you specify a google search enough you can paint any group with a pretty broad brush

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