Jeffrey Jones forgot to register himself

Not for voting. For being a pedophile. Jeffrey Jones played Dean Rooney in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. In 2003, he plead no contest to getting a 14-year-old boy to pose for “sexually explicit photos.” The terms of his probation required him to register as a sex offender, undergo counseling and complete five years probation.

In September of last year, Jones failed to renew his California registration within five days from his birthday. On June 23, he was arrested and charged with a felony count. Jones has since been released on $20,000 bail and his arraignment is set for July 14.

Outsmarted by Ferris Bueller and then a 14-year-old boy. This guy can’t win. It’s like people always say. If you can’t do the time, don’t trick 14-year-old boys into posing naked for you while you jack off behind a camera.

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10 years ago

I am so sick of perverts. Studies site 84% of pedophiles released do it again. People need to protect their children.

10 years ago

I remember being a 14-year-old boy. There’s no fcking way you could have “tricked” me into posing naked in front of a guy. Can’t we just admit that some teenagers are gay, and not discriminate against gays for being attracted to each other?

This is homophobia masquerading as protecting children, like it usually does. And this is coming from a straight male, who when he was 14, would have loved to been molested by Winona Ryder.

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