Linda Hogan is old, gross

50-year-old Linda Hogan is marrying her 21-year-old boyfriend Charlie Hill next summer on a boat appropriately named “Alimony.” They started dating when Charlie was 19. To give you a frame of reference, her daughter Brooke Hogan is only 22. and her son Nick is only 19.

Ugh, this is so gross. Charlie probably has to use a gallon of lube just to enter that dusty old trap Linda calls a vagina. Her crotch must be all dry and wrinkly like a mummy. I bet when you take off Linda’s panties, a puff of old, stale air rushes out.

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Aaron M
Aaron M
11 years ago

yeah a puff of air blowing the dust and cob webs off her dried out, bleached blonde pubes in the breeze

11 years ago

Charley is a prototypical loser who would have worked a minimum wage job for the rest of his life, so the alternative for him is to screw a woman older than his mommy and get to spend some of that sweet Hulk Hogan cash for a few hours of humping a week. Sure he sits in a dark room for a few hours weeping every week in shame and disgust but the cheap gaudy clothes and the smell of old lady are easy to forget after a few mojitos.

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