Lindsay called the judge a bitch, wants $1 million

In court on Tuesday, Lindsay Lohan stood up in front of the judge and pleaded, “I don’t want you to think that I don’t respect you.” Hours after the judge sentenced her to 90 days in jail, Lindsay went out with her friends and called the judge a “fucking bitch” and that the judge only wanted to make an example out of her.

TMZ talked to a few other defense lawyers who had cases with Judge Revel and said none of their clients received more than 30 days for similar probation violations. So, Lindsay may have a point, but whatever because haha, you suck you stupid bitch.

In related news, Lindsay is already trying to secure a $1 million post-jail interview.

“Financially, it’s the best thing that could have ever happened to Lindsay,” a magazine insider tells me. “It’s no secret that Lindsay has been in financial trouble for a while. She will earn more money from her post-prison interview than she ever earned acting.”

“Expect to see a major TV and magazine deal,” a source close to Lindsay tells me. “Lindsay might have made a lot of mistakes, but she knows how much her first interview is worth. She won’t even consider offers of less than $1 million.”

Going to jail may be the best thing to ever happen to Lindsay keeping her from going broke. But her first interview will probably be worthless and full of excuses. She’ll admit to making mistakes but she’ll deny everything bad that anyone has said about her. Like those pants that had cocaine in them weren’t hers and she didn’t drink alcohol. That SCRAM alert was a malfunction and that she even took a urine test to prove it. She’ll then forget to mention she submitted the test after her BAC reached 0. Then she’ll talk about the nation-wide conspiracy masterminded by Hollywood to damage her reputation which everyone is in on including the judge in her case.


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