Mel Gibson being investigated for domestic violence

Mel Gibson’s ex, Oksana Grigorieva, said he beat her so bad she ended up with two black eyes, bruising over her face and two of her teeth knocked out. One set of pictures and a recording later, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has launched an investigation into this alleged incident. The AP says Mel is listed as a potential suspect. Which I thought was kind of weird because isn’t he the only suspect?

Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said detectives interviewed Grigorieva on Monday. She has been the only person interviewed so far.

“We’re in the process of verifying, verifying, verifying,” Whitmore said. “All the allegations that have been put forth will be thoroughly investigated.”

Asked when they were going to interview Mel, investigators shrugged their shoulders and said, “Next Tuesday? Maybe Thursday? Whenever it’s convenient for Mel, I guess. We don’t want to seem too pushy.”

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