Mel Gibson might have pushed a 12-year-old and punched a baby

Oksana Grigorieva is now claiming Mel Gibson grabbed her 12-year-old son and threw him into a table because the kid was annoying Mel. This seems to be the only incident where there were other witnesses that could corroborate her story.

It happened at a party last year. Sources connected to the case say Oksana’s 12-year-old son, Alexander was playfully jumping up and down, trying to knock a cigarette out of Mel’s mouth. Oksana claims Mel exploded by grabbing the boy and throwing him violently onto a table.

The issue came up during the mediation in May, when Mel and Oksana were trying to work out a custody arrangement and a financial package.

Sources say Oksana’s people informed Mel’s lawyers of the incident. Mel’s lawyers investigated and came right back, claiming there were “numerous adults and children” who saw the incident and saw it very differently.

Mel’s people claim the witnesses will say it was all just clowning around and Mel did not get physical with Alexander but rather the boy just accidentally fell as he was jumping for Mel’s cigarette.

In Mel’s defense, the kid could have burned his hand. Mel was probably protecting him by flinging him away from the lit cigarette onto a table. Whew. What a close call!

Radar also put up a blurry picture of the baby Mel was accused of hitting. The picture shows Lucia with something on her chin. Radar says it’s an abrasion but it looks like a pimple. Maybe the kid is going through puberty.

“Oksana said right after the incident, she observed blood and a small abrasion on Lucia’s chin, which was not there before the incident,” said a source, who is familiar with the law enforcement investigation.

“She took photographed the abrasion that night.” Those photos are now evidence.

I’d suspect Mel would have caused way more damage if he straight on hit the baby. Maybe Mel hits like a girl. What a limp-wristed sob.

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10 years ago

This s**t that keeps coming out gets more crazier by the minute.

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