Mel Gibson should stick to email

Radar finally concluded their Mel Gibson Audio Learning Series and have moved on to emails. Alarmingly, the emails seem more apologetic and less shouty. Weird. Is this even from Mel? Because I didn’t laugh at these like I did his voicemails. has discovered that authorities possess an email apology from Mel to Oksana that was sent early the morning after the altercation.

“Could you please call me. I want to tell you how unspeakably sorry I am,” Mel wrote at 9:50 am on January 7. learned that at 8:38 am, Mel emailed Oksana: “How’s your tooth?”

Mel’s written word sounds much more rational than his phone calls. It’s as if Oksana’s voice is a trigger which makes Mel crazy. He’s like Pavlov’s dog. If Pavlov’s dog was a racist, misogynistic, screaming lunatic.

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