Michael Lohan is a true gentleman

A few days ago, nude pictures of Michael Lohan’s ex, Kate Major, appeared online. In them (NSFW photos here from Kikster), Kate can be seen sleeping with her top pulled down. The photos were said to be taken by Michael while Kate was passed out and unaware. If that wasn’t creepy enough, the photos were then sold to the highest bidder. Kate recently commented:

“Michael Lohan is a disgusting human being and father. He took these pictures of me when I was asleep and without my knowledge. At the time he was my fiancĂ©. I have just found out about these images today and moving forward my lawyer, William O’Conner, will be handing the legalities of anyone that reproduces them.”

To which Michael reasoned:

“She has no money, no job and she’s been living off of me for the last 8 months… and her dad just cut her off. If she doesn’t stop the nonsense, more and more will come out. I am tired of being used and people who need to make up stories to make money off others. I have more important issues to deal with than Kate Major.”

Note that Michael has also been accused of throwing Kate over a chair and kicking her in the face. The only way Michael could get any classier is if he started wearing a top hat and monocle and spoke in a British accent.

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13 years ago

I don’t think Lilo’s career can ever get back on track because of her father. He’d release or pull some stunt that no studio ad campaign could survive all for a hundred bucks. There are too many good actresses without all her baggage and two of the truly creepiest parents to grace the planet. Lilo will do a couple of softcore porn and kill herself or OD. Watch her sociopath father sell her out even after death. They’ve lived off her since she was three, they’ve made her so ill equipped to live a normal life she doesn’t really have… Read more »

13 years ago

michael lohan is an awful father and person. what does HE do for living? does his daughter pay his bills? what a moron. poor lilo.