No h**o

Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner seem to be very friendly on set. Pattinson even makes Lautner’s nipples hard. He fondly recounted to Now Magazine:

‘I liked the tent scene because I have to grab Taylor’s chest and his nipples get hard really easily,’ laughs Rob, 24. ‘We had to re-shoot the scene basically for that reason!’

‘It seems like I’m always picking on Taylor, but the funniest moment was when he was in this little grey Spandex suit he sometimes had to wear for the CGI,’ Rob reveals.

‘Taylor quite frequently out-mans me, so seeing him in that little Spandex outfit made me feel much better about myself.

‘He looked great in it, though. Very sexy!’

Wait. So are these two gay for each other or what because I don’t giggle like a schoolgirl about it when I have to rub my friend’s nipples. I usually cry and beg them to stop and to let me go and that I won’t tell the cops.

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Palin Puss Fart
Palin Puss Fart
11 years ago

Could not be sicker of these dildos-Melissa Etheridge

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