Oksana Grigorieva is under investigation

Each tape Oksana Grigorieva releases is like a dagger into Mel Gibson’s career. It’s like stabbing a dead carcass at this point. To save whatever is left, Mel’s side has finally come out claiming Oksana originally tried to use the tapes to extort Mel out of millions. Reports say a $15 million settlement was originally on the table but Mel backed out. A text sent afterward by Oksana said she started recording him because “you broke your agreement with me.” A source says the judge scolded Oksana’s lawyer for failing to report the $15 million settlement agreement at a Wednesday hearing.

Her lawyer “did something truly remarkable,” a source close to the case said. “He did not disclose to the court that there was a settlement agreement between Oksana and Mel.”

“Manley Freid’s strategy accomplished nothing,” a source said. “It’s all out there now. They pressed the nuclear button and Gibson is still basically standing. There’s zero upside for Grigorieva in terms of money, custody and visitation.”

In other words, her whole strategy may have backfired.

Judge Scott Gordon (addressing Freid) at Wednesday’s court hearing:

“My question for you is this. Why wasn’t I told about this agreement in connection with the request for a temporary restraining order? Mr. (Stephen) Kolodny (Gibson’s counsel) is exactly correct. Had I known the parties had an agreement, I may not have issued the order the way I did; and I find it very troubling that someone comes in, without notice to the other side, represents facts to me, including the fact this woman is so afraid of Mr. Gibson that she needs immediate protection, even though by — based on her declaration, it’s clear that nothing happened for a few months.

“The things that happened were so horrible and it was quite understandable to me that she finally came to the conclusion that she needed a restraining order, even though the bad stuff happened in February.

“But no one then told me there had been this intervening agreement about the child, and I’m really quite troubled by that.”

Authorities have now launched an investigation into the blackmail claims. No other details were given.

Oksana needs to work on her extortion skills. You can’t do this half-assed. You need a plan. Just look at the people who tried to extort John Stamos. They sucked at it. They couldn’t even convince Stamos they had pictures because they didn’t have any. And those baby pictures that were released yesterday didn’t really even show anything. Oksana should have roughed the baby up some more to sell it better.

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