Spencer Pratt crashes “The Hills” finale and “Inception” premiere

Spencer Pratt was banned from the finale party for The Hills at the Roosevelt Hotel last night so he did what any rational D-lister would. He glued a bunch of pubes to his face and tried to crash the party. It didn’t work. Organizers kicked his mountain man ass out.

“I wasn’t invited to that party, so I’m having my own party with the people on the Hollywood Walk of Stars!” Pratt, 26, explained to gossip blogger Perez Hilton on camera.

He added, “I spend a lot of time being hated and I feel like I want a little closure.”

What did him in was probably him tweeting his plan. The Roosevelt canceled his room when they found out. “FYI Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel just cancelled all my rooms and said that they overbooked the hotel!” he tweeted Tuesday morning. “NEVER QUIT NEVER DIE! ha CAN’T STOP ME.”

Spencer also supposedly tried crashing the premiere of Inception. That didn’t work either as security escorted him away.

These two stories would have been a lot better had “escorted out by security” been followed with “and beaten mercilessly with metal bats” and ended with “is now in a coma.”

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11 years ago

Spencer is a complete idiot. He needs some serious help. His screws are loose, and he could possibly be dangerous.

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