The Botox was for muscle pain, maybe

18-year-old Charice Pempengco was said to have gotten Botox and another procedure to give her a fresher look and to make her naturally round face more narrow for her debut on Glee. Now her publicist insists the Botox was for muscle pain in her jaw similar to TMJ.

Charice’s rep said it didn’t hurt, just relieved the pain. “You’ve seen her face – she doesn’t have a wrinkle in it so she wouldn’t need it for cosmetic purposes. The Glee people are thrilled with the way she looks which is why she got the part. She had her hair colored at the Brad Johns Studio at Elizabeth Arden [in NYC]. That’s the only cosmetic thing she’s done.”

However, at The Press Association, they note that celebrity cosmetic surgeon Vicki Belo did the Botox in front of TV cameras.

“You chew gum and it turns out to be a favourite super-exercise for these muscles, your chewing muscles. So we will show you, this muscle here it’s a bit protruding,” Belo said as she touched Charice’s face. “It’s like a ball, so we are going to Botox that in order to get it flat so she will have a cuter face … we want to give you the apple cheek look because it’s cute, right?”

Uh, wait. I don’t get it? According to Charice’s rep this is for muscle pain but then TPA reports she did the procedure in front of cameras and there was no mention of relieving any pain. I believe Vicki’s exact words were, “we want to give you the apple cheek look because it’s cute, right?” Either the Press Association wrote that quote in the most confusing way possible or Charice’s rep is lying. Either way, that doesn’t change how naturally handsome I am. That really has nothing to do with this story but just thought I’d throw that out there.

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