The “Jersey Shore” strike is over

The cast of Jersey Shore refused to shoot scenes for the upcoming season until they renegotiated their contracts. They initially asked for $30,000 per episode. A $20,000 bump from their current salary of $10,000. It’s not clear what their new deal is (MTV threw in some free self-tanner?) but they are all “committed to the show” and “ready to go.”

The Situation actually lead the signing and encouraged the cast to follow suit. “The Situation has always been respected and well liked by the entire cast. He felt that he could break the stalemate by putting these rumors of a cast strike to rest by moving forward and leading the cast to another hit season,”

In the video above, The Situation talks to Popeater in the third person about season 2. For some reason he’s bobbing and weaving through the whole video like someone is trying to punch him. Is that normal? It looks like he has Parkinson’s. He should really have that checked out.

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