This will be a great idea

Once again, proving everyone with the last name Lohan is delusional, Dina spoke to In Touch Weekly about Lindsay’s upcoming stint in jail. Dina says they are “optimists” and continues to insist Lindsay won’t have to go. “Lindsay is sober and she’s fine. I don’t want to speak hypothetically (about jail) because she’s not going to be in that situation.”

However, if Lindsay does end up going, one of her biggest concerns is Lindsay’s claustrophobia and dealing with not smoking. Dina says “she will probably have to get hypnotized” showing how far removed from reality Dina and Lindsay are.

Dina goes on to explain that jail doesn’t help anyone and says Lindsay’s only crime was not showing up for one DUI class. Which is a ridiculous simplification because the actual crime is hijacking an SUV while drunk and being in possession of cocaine and then instead of jail, receiving probation which she didn’t take seriously because Lindsay’s a big movie star. She might as well have shoved a cock down the judge’s throat.

“If Lindsay went to jail, I would fear for her life. Jail doesn’t help anyone no matter what problem you have — unless you’re a rapist or a murderer. This wasn’t a violent crime, but they’re saying you miss a DUI class and have to go to jail for three months — that’s absurd.”

Lindsay’s delusional mommy then says Lindsay dreams of opening up her own rehab center in LA and across the country.

“Lindsay actually wants to open up her own rehab center here (in Los Angeles) and a couple across the country to help other kids and celebs so they don’t fall through the cracks in this town,” Dina said. “She mentioned it to me a couple of days ago. She’s really growing up.”

The only reason Lindsay wants to open a rehab facility is so she can ask the patients where she can score some coke. One day after this place opens, it’ll be accidentally burned to the ground and Lindsay will magically have some insurance money.

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12 years ago

Dina truly has problems. I fear for her children’s lives being left with a parent like DINA. Every parent, thinks their child can do no wrong. However,sometimes we need to face facts, and realize that nobody is perfect. People make mistakes and do the wrong things, but if they were mature enough to make these decisions, they should be able to face the consequences no matter how harsh. I wouldn’t wish jail on my worst enemy, but when you were given as many chances as Lindsay was, and continuously push the envelope, you are eventually going to do the time… Read more »

12 years ago

This actually made me progressively more angry the more i read. I hate hate hate Lindsay Lohan and this is just making me loathe the Lohans in General not just Lindsay. I cant believe how fucked people are in the head.

Palin Puss Fart
Palin Puss Fart
12 years ago

She should be locked up for a year.
And if she wasn’t a for profit fur muncher with coke issues
She would give all the proceeds to drug clinics
Her mom is a skeeze just like her dad
If this ends in an Overdose its Lindsay’s fault but her parents are accomplices!!!

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