Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer got married

Anna Paquin, 28, and Stephen Moyer, 40, married Saturday night in Malibu. Guests included Elijah Wood, Carrie Preston and Michael Emerson. Unfortunately there was no blood-letting. Disappointing because… vampires!

The couple announced their engagement last August. Connecting over daily breakfasts at a West Hollywood cafe, they began dating a few months after filming first began in 2008 for HBO’s smash vampire series, now in its third season. On the show, Paquin (a 1994 Oscar-winner at age 11 for her role in The Piano) plays Sookie Stackhouse, the psychic, mortal lover to vampire Bill Compton (Moyer); their first kiss occurred onscreen.

But the duo waited until February 2009 to debut their real-life romance — a delay that was “very intentional on both our parts,” British actor Moyer explained at the time. “It was very important to me that the cast and crew we were working with didn’t feel it was fickle….We didn’t want to take anything away from the show.”

Us says they exchanged vows under a tent across the street from the beach. For some reason when I read that I kept thinking of that Chris Farely SNL sketch where he lived in a van down by the river. Us needs to write better marriage descriptions. Put a little more excitement in it. The wedding could have been in the forest on a private island with armed guards patrolling the perimeter while pandas acted as ring bearers and they could have eaten bald eagles and koalas at the reception and Us’ description would just be, Paquin and Moyer exchanged vows in the bushes around a bunch of water.

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