Blake Lively is conniving

Blake Lively may be all sunshine and rainbows to Scarlett Johansson in public but underneath all the compliments lies a sneaky vixen. NYDN says Blake has been talking to Gravity director Alfonso Cuaron in a vain attempt to snatch away the role that Scarlett verbally agreed to.

Our source says that soon after Gatecrasher broke the news that Johansson had verbally agreed to star in Alfonso Cuarón’s ambitious sci-fi survival flick, “Gravity,” Lively approached the “Children of Men” director to snag the role for herself before Johansson inked a deal.

The film, which relies heavily on computer-generated imagery, will reportedly tell the story of two astronauts – Robert Downey Jr. will play the second – who must figure out how to get back to Earth after an exploding satellite kills the other crew members on the mission.

Unfortunately for Blake, we hear Cuarón is dead set on having the Lamborghini-curved Johansson star in the 2012 3-D space thriller.

Usually when two women go at it, they’re old, ugly and usually on a terrible show called The View. Things are different this time. Sexier. Blake Lively and Scarlett Johanson are both amazingly attractive. A cat fight between those two would be hot. I could get an erection watching them fling poo at each other.

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