Charlie Sheen won’t go to jail

Back in December, Charlie Sheen allegedly put a knife up to Brooke Mueller’s throat and threatened to kill her. Details about the knife are murky but on Monday Charlie plead guilty to misdemeanor third-degree assault which dropped to other charges including one of felony menacing.

Under the plea agreement, Charlie won’t have to serve a day in jail. Instead, he has to spend 30 days in rehab, 30 days on probation and 36 hours of anger management. But wait. Because the Colorado courts thought that was way too harsh, they’ll credit Sheen with time served. Sheen already spent 93 days at Promises rehab this year and has already completed 36 hours of anger management. In effect, he won’t have to spend a day doing anything. He may not even have to report to Promises.

At least Sheen left the courtroom humble and remorseful, right? Nah. On his way out he told TMZ, “I’m going to Disneyland.” Sheen added,  “Yale Galanter [Sheen’s attorney] is a rock star, what can I tell you?”

What a douchebag. This is why celebrities think they can get away with anything. Because they can. And you know after Lindsay read this she started kicking herself for hiring the wrong lawyer. If Yale Galanter repped Lindsay, her punishment would be hugs.

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13 years ago

he gave apropos to his atty I don’t see why that is NOT humble.
and lol how? if a lawyer can’t control the client and tell them to act well, show up, show up on time…what can the BEST lawyer do? I doubt Charlie is dumb like Linsay to not check into rehab, follow probabtion. He does have to check in and the rehab will decide just like the sheriff oversaw LL’s sentence. nobody can help you if you can’t help yourself.