Courtney Love gave her daughter the best birthday present of all

A cracked out rant that probably no one could understand. Read all 35 tweets here. Highlights include: “youve done a dammed good job frances of destroying anything i could build that is positive, and i want to know why now that your of age” and “i could never do anything to frances that involved her personal public humilation like utah, or certain items that r private & wld ruiinher” and “so how could she do it to me, ? dont answer fiddle you need to answer use the family wizard, i took the high road, i raised you well and im so sorry i couldnt protect you from lairds greed and need to fuck with you daqrlingyou oinbly get 37% Of in utero, its impossible for me to.”

I feel like I need a decoder ring to decipher what Courtney is saying. All I got from reading this whole thing was she can ruin her now 18-year-old daughter, her family has a wizard and something about Nirvan’s album In Utero. None of this garbled shorthand makes any sense. She could be talking about getting a sex change for all I know.

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